The Importance of Self-Care In Our lives


Over the holidays I got thinking a lot about the importance of self-care. With Daniel in the hospital and all the commotion it was so easy to get swept up in everything going on. The days when I set aside some time for myself made all the difference. It had me showing up better him and had me being my best self. It’s so important and something I’ve been trying to work on. It can be so easy to put everyone else’s needs in front of our own but then we end up not being able to show up our best for them. It’s hard, but I think setting the intention to take care of ourselves is so important and it helps us take better care of others. Continue Reading…

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5 Steps to Set Goals for All Areas of Your Life


It’s 2016 – time to make our dreams happen! I’ve spent a lot of time journaling leading up to this year to focus on how I can make 2016 the best year possible. I did this exercise to how see how I can achieve goals in all aspects of my life. It left me feeling so empowered and on the right path to achieving my dreams.

We all have things we want to accomplish, places we want to go, and power moves we want to make. Sometimes when you look at goals or dreams, they can feel out of grasp or overwhelming. Putting intention and planning into your goals will help you get control and on the right path to achieving them. This exercise will help you feel empowered and ready to tackle goals in all areas of your life.

Continue Reading…

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The Power of Consumerism


Recently Daniel spoke at TEDx on the power of consumerism. His talk was about how we all have a responsibility to make choices and take actions that reflect our values and create the world we want to see. I wanted to share some of the takeaways from his talk, and how we can all start implementing these steps in our lives. I’m also excited for when his speech is released online for everyone to see, but until then here is a little preview and some ways to start taking action now. Continue Reading…

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Face Your Fears


In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d write a post about fears. Fear is such an interesting and powerful emotion – in the words of Franklin Roosevelt, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Fear has its purpose, to keep us safe, but when does it become something that saves us from dying to something that controls us? When does it become something that’s holding us back? Continue Reading…

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How To Rise Strong When We Feel Discouraged


Today when I was running, I started thinking about the silver lining of getting discouraged. I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, but I think it’s been a good thing. It made more aware of how we all go through seasons. Where we can feel like we have it all together, we know where we are going, then one day you look, and you’ve let it slip away. You don’t recognize yourself, you feel lost and alone. But there is a positive to getting lost and feeling discouraged – it makes us focus on our goals and what’s important to us. So how do we get back to where we were or better yet to where we’ve always wanted to go? Continue Reading…