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7 Steps to Achieve Any Goal


When we make goals, it can be easy to let them sit on the back-burner, we can get discouraged or we feel lost at where to start. I find they can sometimes feel overwhelming, but when I started looking at my goals in detail, they became more concrete and attainable. I felt more focused and equipped to pursue them. By taking the right steps, we can make our goals achievable and feel truly empowered to succeed. When there is goal or dream you want to accomplish, it is really important to know the why behind it, have an action plan, be ready for any obstacle that may come your way. 

This exercise you will make your goal more concrete and it will set you on the path to achieving it. By painting a detailed picture of your goal, it makes you focus, it gives you a guide to follow and it helps you feel prepared and empowered to achieve it.

The 7 Steps

Read over the following 7 steps, then grab a journal or a piece of paper, and write down the steps and your answers. It’s really helpful to have this paper somewhere visible where you will see it or as part of your daily/weekly routine that you review. It’s also helpful to share it with someone you trust, that can help you stay accountable and be there to support you.

 1.  Pick a goal or dream.

What do you want to achieve? Think about what goals you have right now or what your dreams are. Pick one and do the exercise, then repeat with any other goals. I have done this for multiple goals, since each one is different and specific.

2.  Discover your WHY.

Take the time to look at why you want to achieve this goal. By tapping into that inner drive you fill find that unrelenting will to succeed. What is the driving force? Will it help other people? How will you feel?

3.  Brainstorm ways to achieve this goal.

Brainstorm how you can make this goal happen. Make a list of a bunch of different things that will contribute to you achieving this goal. How can you achieve this goal? What can you do to make it happen?

4.  Create an action plan.

Based on the different items that were brainstormed, create an action plan. Based on what is needed to achieve the goal, what can you be doing to make it happen. These can be daily and weekly things you need to do. It can be helpful to create a daily checklist to keep you on track and write down weekly goals.

5.  Look at your fears.

Look at your fears from all angles. It’s important to look at your fear of failure and your fear of success. What will happen if you fail or succeed? Get to know fears, and learn to see the positives. Here is an example of how to look at your fears and what would happen if you failed or succeeded. Look at what your scared of along with the benefits.

Failure: If you fail what will happen

Fear: I’m embarrassed, I think no one wants me, I’m not good enough.

Positive Outcome: I’m proud I tried, I learned, I live with no question of what if, I find other opportunities, I impact the lives of others, I gain valuable skills and life lessons, I learn the principles and habits of a healthy/hardworking/caring lifestyle.

Success: If you succeed what will happen

Fear: I get negative feedback and concerns from family and friends, people think I have no place in doing this, people don’t think I’m good enough, people talk about me, I face more challenges.

Positive Outcome: I love it, I’m so happy, I know I can make any goal or dream come true, I inspire others to live their dreams, I connect with people on a similar journey, I feel my best, I’ve found my purpose, I find new opportunities, I learn and grow.

6.  Know your obstacles.

Look at the obstacles you may face, then write out ways to handle the obstacle if it happens. This way you are prepared for the bumps in the road, you have a way of dealing with them, and you can keep moving forward.

Here are a couple examples:

Obstacle: I get negative feedback and criticism.
Solution: I find support, I take the time to review my goal and refocus.

Obstacle: Something happens and I get off track.
Solution: Refocus on goals and talk it through with a friend or accountability partner.

Obstacle: I get tempted to stop trying or I begin faltering
Solution: I look at my WHY,  I think of my support person, I think of making them proud and having them hold me accountable.

7.  Describe what success look likes.

Really look at what success looks like and what it means to you.

First, look at how it will impact your life. What will your lifestyle look like? What mindset do you have? How will it look in your daily life? What will you need to be doing to live that dream?

-Consistency, dedication, hardwork
-Living a healthy lifestyle – working out, eating healthy, drinking water, etc.

Second, describe the measurable outcomes that determine you’ve succeeded. What specific outcomes pinpoint your success?

-Achieving first place in ______.
-Getting the promotion.
-Starting my business and having my first transaction.
-Getting an A in class.

These steps will make your goals and dreams feel much more attainable. You will feel prepared and empowered to achieve your goals, and you’ll be that much closer to making them a success.

With love,


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  • Reply Wendy Dubois October 4, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Love the 7 Steps especially the pros and cons.

  • Reply April Vanderhorst October 17, 2015 at 7:46 am

    This is phenomenal and just what I needed. I am on a personal journey and needed these words. Thank you!

    • Reply Lucy Born October 17, 2015 at 8:52 am

      Thank you April! I’m glad you found it helpful. I wish you all the best on your journey. Continue on the path of vulnerability, honesty, and compassion. Remember that when you choose to be authentic and courageous, you inspire others to do the same. xo

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